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 Unfinished story. Tell me what you think

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Meeting the Cullen Clan
Meeting the Cullen Clan

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PostSubject: Unfinished story. Tell me what you think   Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:00 am

Sorry if it is a little confusing.

Well, Ookami(last name) starts out getting out of school with her best friend, Ai Usagi. They are walking along the street to go to a store, insert store name here, in human form.(One of the few times they are in that form) and they are attacked by two guys that think that they are weak girls. The two guys shape-shift into the creatures that posses their souls, two dogs, pitbull-ish, and lunge at them, backing them into a corner, her friend, Ai Usagi, has a very weak animal inhabiting her soul and is trying to hide. Her animal is rabbit. This also explains a person's personality. Her pesonality is that she loves to love and be loved. She is very kind and easy to get along with. After being backing into the coner, Ookami gives Ai Usagi her backpack and turnes to fight the two dogs/men charging towards them. As soon as they get close enough, she shape-shifts into the wolf that inhabits her soul. She towers over the two putbull-ish dogs and "kills" them. She does not kill the men themselves, but the animals soul that inhabits their soul, leaving them as "normal" humans. This is her "special" power. No one else can do this. What I mean is, kill the soul of the animal without killing the person. Normally, to kill the soul of the animal that inhabits a perosn, you have to rip out their heart, killing their human self aswell. She does not have to do that. She morphs back into human form and they continue their walk, the two guys knocked out behind them.
--- FlashBack(like 500 years into the beginning of their world.) ---
It shows at the beginning of their world, the last animals on the earth were trying to find a way to save themselves from a powerful force that is coming to destroy all animals(not including humans on the planet). The force is a star the passes threw their atmosphere, exiting on the other side of their planet. In order to save themselves, a few animals made an alliance with some humans, allowing their souls to live. The alliance starts that their two souls will join, but one can not destroy or rule over the other. Although the human soul had to have domanice to surive, they lived in harmony. These special creatures are what created the world today. This is the reason that Dragons and etc. do not live. They were destroyed by the star. The only create of magic that allowed it's self to sink to the lower level for surival, was the unicorn, but only two. This race lived on, but only four of them can live on the world at the same time. They are really rare and, no matter what is in their way, they always find their "mate". Wolves are close to the same, but a total of eight are allowed on the earth at the same time. The reason that they are restricted is because they, ruling the animal kingdom, the cats at this time were the lowest of the low animals, Wolves and magical creatures were the highest, they disobeyed the treaty and conquered the human souls, the price was heavy, only allowing them eight on the world at one time. But, the magic blood still runs among them. Each has a power, the lower your rank is the the pack, the lesser your power. Like the unicorns, they are called to each other. Unknown to her at the time, she is the alpha female. That is their punishment. Then it goes back to the present, on the two girls, still walking away from the two guys lying on the ground.

--- End of chapter one ---

Ok, for story, it is part way finished. I know what to do, but I am to lazy to write it at this time. Her "mate" is going to be this REALLY hot guy that she, at first hates because he can be a jerk, but she can't stop staying away from him, the fact that he is a wolf is unknown to her. Only when they are BOTH in wolf form can they connect to begin their pack. The reason that he first comes up to her and actually talks to her is because he hears that she is a "dog". He is susprised that she is a "dog" because, in his eyes, she looks weak and could never pull of a animal of that stature. He walks up to her, suprised that he feels drawn to her(still unaware of the facts that we know). They begin to hang out because that can not help it, no matter how much they hate each other. About 1/3 threw the book, they find it out, but keep it a secret for a long time, about 5/6 of the book. They find this out because, while walking, they find a pair of unicorns in the woods. They are being chased by a whole pack of of crazed dogs that think that unicorns can give them something they want. The pack surrounds the two unicorns and two people(wolves). Both of the "wolves" morph into their animals, the second that they both morph, they can hear each other's thoughts. During the fight they do not notice, but the fight does not last long, the dogs get freaked out by the appearance of two wolves. Only when they are talking to the unicorns, who when they are about to leave after thanking them for saving their lives(unicorns are peaceful and are healers, wolves were the fighters, their "brothers and sisters" or their defenders.) When they say, to both of them, "Thank you Brothers and Sisters". Then they leave, letting the two actually look at each other, looking themselves in the their eyes for the first time. The link is created, and it can not be broken. They are the Alpha "mates", destined to live forever with their pack. (I might have forgotten to mention that unicorns and wolves, because the are magic, can live forever.) And ya... that is what I have so far. XD
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Unfinished story. Tell me what you think
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