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 Story: Zodiac

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Meeting the Cullen Clan
Meeting the Cullen Clan

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PostSubject: Story: Zodiac   Sat Sep 20, 2008 5:13 am

Zodiac's pounded at the earth as he walked, leaving marks as if it were mud. He had been a loner for the past two years and was now looking for a place to settle down. There was nothing left in the earth lands that he had not explored yet. Now, he needed to explore the rest of the world. To gain knowledge, to gain power. He continued walking, the fire in his eyes never faltering. Power, yes, Power is everything. If you have power, you are in control, you are reaching your full abilities when you have power. A dark evil chuckled erupted from his black maw. His appearance was almost a replica for his soul. He was black, black to the core, yet, somewhere, somewhere deep inside of him there was a little sliver of light. The only part of his soul and body that had not been corrupted.

His mother and father were pure white, wanting only to have a son that would be the light of their lives. Everything went well. His mother was thrilled, they were going to have a baby. Everything was all light and joy, on the outside that is. Inside, a dark soul was hatching. The light and spirit of the two lovers had clashed, creating a vortex of darkness. His entire soul was corrupted, or so it was thought. There was one small piece, a little life and hope left inside of him, that lived through the onslaught of darkness. He was born and that piece of him lived on, but just barely, and far, far, away from his heart, or at least the part that he used.

He walking pace picked up a little bit, his daggers almost cracking the earth as if it was sucking the life and light out of it. He saw the edge of a cliff before him, leading strait down into a deep valley. Ah, I remember this place. I went down a little to the left last time. There is a turn back path that leads all the way to the bottom, but it is so slow. I think I will do it a little differently this time. He chuckled at the vision in his head of his way down the steep cliff. He stepped closer to the edge of the cliff, his front daggers almost slipping off the face of the cliff so with one false moved he would fall to his death. He looked down and watched as a slab of rock pushed it's way from the face of the cliff, creating a wide ledge. Zodiac's hindquarter's flexed and he was lifted off and landed softly on the ledge about 6 feet below him. He did this all the way down, only taking about eleven ledges to do so. He jumped to the ground and stared at the valley before him. “Ah, the home of Athena” he spoke out loud, his voice so kind, yet so filled with hatred that even a blind horse could see it. He took a deep breath threw his nostrils and began a slow gallop, slowly speaking to himself in a soft whisper. “I shall stay here long enough to as Queen Athena if I could lead her army, be the general perhaps.” He took in a deep breath, his mind floating away to what would happen if he became the Earth General.

He first just started to flash through images, never stopping on one, nothing catching his orbs for the way that he wish and intended to rule if he got the job, I guess you would call it that. The length of the images that he was flipping through got longer and longer before he finally stopped on one. It was in a middle of a open field, surrounded by a forest and a line of horses stood before him as he paced through their ranks, his head turning to snarl a one of them as the began to put a dagger out of place, the buckskin horse quickly moving it back into erect position. His warriors would each be trained to the max in their specific fields. He dug deeper into the vision, everything clearing up, making it seem like he was actually there.

His daggers crunched against the fall leaves on the ground. His audits twitched as he listened to the breathing of the horses surrounding him. Some were quick, most of them around him as he continued to walk threw their ranks. The ones that were not quick, yet not slow were father away from him, around the outside edges of the ranks. He walked to the end of the third line and turned to face a bay stallion in the face. “Your name is?” He spoke, his breath clear upon the other's face. His voice was so full icy that he could have been a water bender. The bay stallion stumbled to get the words out of his maw. “Um... Avalance.” Zodiac's orbs dug into the other's. “Well, Avalance. If you wish to dwell in the army you will need to learn to talk clearly, or don't talk to all. Maby then you will survive.” He turned away from the bay horse in front of him, walking before the whole group, pacing back and forth now. “Welcome to the Earth Army. I am Zodiac, the earth general. You will respect me and follow all of my order. You will also address me as General Zodiac. Only if you are in the higher ranks will you be allowed to call me Zodiac. We are all here for one reason, to protect our stone, our queen, and our entire culture. If we do not do our job we will experience the same fate as the air benders, destruction. Now, you are all here because you are the best at what you do, whether it be as a scout, a spy, a warrior , or if you are just working in the job of boarder control. Every job is important. If you think that you are too good for the job that you were given, then leave right now. I do not tolerate complaining. My job here is to take you and make you into horses fit to defend our nation. What ever your skill right now, it WILL increase. You passed the tests and were picked based on skill, ability to succeed and learn, and attitude. If any of these change for the worse while you are here, you will be kicked out, and I will have no second thoughts. In my mind, my nation comes before myself.” He looked out over the lines before him again. “You should be prepared for anything that comes your way, and should be able to protect yourself from anything, no matter what element. I will make sure of that. I will not only teach all of you to be able to defend yourselves properly, but I will also teach you to use offense as defense.” He made a boulder rise from the ground and chucked it a someone in his ranks. Just before the boulder hit the cringing horse, a long spear of rock was shot at it, shattering into pieces that fell before the horse. Zodiac's orbs flamed as he stalked towards the other horse. He could hear the other's breath slightly quicken as he got closer and closer. “Do you not think to protect yourself you idiot.” He spit at the other horse. “What did you enter into this army as?” The other horse started to stand erect, probably trying to make up for what just happened. “A scout, General Zodiac.” Zodiac stared at the horse. “Well, we will need to work on your reflexes. Soon it will come naturally.” He chuckled darkly, hiding the sliver of light in his soul once more. His pillars carried him back the front of the ranks. He lifted his head higher, bringing all the orbs that were not already focused on him, focused. “Today we will really see who is really the best of the best. Each of you will divide into your selective groups, and DO NOT argue if I decide to change it. What I say goes. Who ever decides to try and change that, well” He smirked. “I would not advise it. Along with whatever punishment is cursed upon you, you will also lose at least one rank, and if you are already there, well, the door will greet you. Then you will go in a series of test against each other, the winner gets the highest rank. It is simple enough. If you don't get it, well then get a brain you idiot.” He stopped pacing in front of them, turning to face them, his orbs full of flame. “Now, GO!” He watched them scramble into their positions, trying to to make everything was perfect. I guess no one wants to mess up in front of the big bad general. He chuckled. He walked around, watching everyone, studying their moves. He walked over to the border control line and snapped words at a small black mare standing it their mists. “Move to the spy line, now.” She looked a little surprised, and took his voice better than some of the stallions that he had confronted. “Yes, General Zodiac, right away.” She shuffled off, looking like she wanted to get away from him as fast as possible, yet, probably thinking that he did not notice, she sneaked a backwards glance at him, her maw reading mumbled words, something along the lines of “Wow, he is hot when he is scary like that.” Zodiac turned his back to her and looked around the other groups. He spotted something out of place and walked over to the scout group, his orbs on a sliver stallion. “Move to the front line warriors, now.” He other horse began to look frightened. “But, I have never actually fought like that before.” Zodiac was starting to walk away as the other horse spoke, suddenly stopping when he was done. “What did you say.” He turned around, orbs blazing. “I though that I was ALWAYS right, now lets try that again. Move, NOW!!” The sliver horse backed up a pace, quickly saying, “Yes, General Zodiac”, before he ran off to the front lines. “Better.” He walked to the center of all of the groups and stopped.

At this point, Zodiac's gallop had slowed to his nice fast trot, a smirk clearly on his face. He slowly drew himself out of his vision. “Now that, that would be fun. Not only do I have power, I also get to explore. Could anything be more perfect. The only thing that I would need to be sure of is not to let my light side show to much. I don't understand why I can't just kill the thing already. I don't even what to think of what it could do to me. For all I know, I could start to love” He shivered at the word. “one of my warriors, that would not be good, really not good.” He quickly banished the thought from his mind and picked up a gallop again, getting closer and closer to the home of Queen Athena. I guess when I get there, I will just say it strait, I want to be your Earth Army General. That sounds like a good enough request. I know the land, that is good, I should have enough skill. I have the attitude, well, in my mind I do. So, I think that I have it all covered. He chuckled again, getting closer and closer to his destination. He felt her presence flow threw him, the energy making him alive, even if we was tired, which he was not. His breed could go like that for hours at a time and not get tired, plus all the exploring that he did just increased his endurance. He slowly slid to a halt and let out a call for Queen Athena. It was his time for power. He would get it.

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Notes: My muse came in tidal waves, so it is really good in some prat, but others are not so good. Sorry that it is so long
Charecter: Zodiac
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Story: Zodiac
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